Wealthy Affiliate Program Reviews – Is it for you?

In my research to be authentically me and write about my truth, I come across many books, courses, and websites that all claim to help. I will get to the validity of all these products in my reviews and let you know my thoughts. The Wealthy Affiliate Program review will help you decide if blogging is a great way to get your confidence, self-esteem, and finances to a better place. I have tried it, I am a member, and will give you my truth on it.

The Details Of The Program.

Title: Wealthy Affiliate      

Topic: Help people create passive income through online blogs

Price: Free

Have I tried it?: Yes

Do I use it?: Yes

In Business: 17 years and counting

Rating: 10/10

Benefits.   man with lots of money in his hand

  • Free to try and will get you up and running with no cost. Training is free, and receiving all the basics will cost you nothing.
  • They give you an excellent idea of what to expect with the free version, and that will let you know if you want to continue on or not to become a member. They do not sugarcoat the reality of passive income but will give you the tools to succeed if you choose to go forward.
  • If you like the program and want to continue, they offer a monthly membership that can quickly be canceled. Most programs provide a substantial one-time cost, not refundable, or yearly membership.
  • Great support from founders Kyle and Carson; they answer personally and quickly when you message them.
  • Fantastic support from all the members online. If you have any questions, they are answered quickly by all the members who have been there and done that. Plus, all the members are very supportive and friendly to chat.
  • 24/7 support, no waiting, no vague answers, you get honest answers from members who know what to do and how to get there.
  • You do get lots of training in the free part of trying it out, but the training and courses in the membership part are very extensive, thorough, and full of great information and answers, with clear, easy steps to get to where you need to be—all for free with membership.
  • You get a complimentary website and domain, and for little cost, you can have your own personal domain name.
  • You will be guided from very beginner to professional blogger making money every month and will have inside tips on becoming successful at it.
  • I have been to all the other sites that claim to be able to make you quick money, and they have all proven to be very unsupportive, not realistic, and just out for your money. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can tell they care, support, and want you to succeed. They are with you for the whole trip, years and years if you wish.
  • I started with them and became a member, and I would not be writing all these fabulous reviews unless they completely blew me away and showed that they walk the walk and are there for you!

Cons.  sign saying be real

I do not want to sound too biased, and I really had to think and try to find a con to Wealthy affiliate, but in the end, I really
could not find anything that did not meet or exceed my expectations. Hopefully, you give it a try for free, and you too will see the benefits that they offer, and also you will find it is considerably more than any other site and a lot less money.

Conclusion. cup of frothy coffee

I think my conclusion will be of no surprise in this review; I do not recommend anything or anyone without trying it myself and without it being my accurate, honest representation of my experience with it.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program is a recommendation from me; it has surpassed all the other places I went to by far and even exceeded my expectations of service, information, support, and ease of use. Try the free area and get a good look at the supports, the information, and the training involved, and then you will have a good idea if Wealthy Affiliates is right for you.

I tried the free part, fully expecting not to join, and take the free information and move on, but what I quickly realized is that these people care, they want the best for you, they are not in it for the money, but to help you become successful and an ethical citizen of this world.

You will be very impressed with the founder’s Kyle and Carson, and you will be blown away by the community’s support there. When it comes down to it, though, you need information, training, and guidance to get this to be a success, and they are outstanding in all those areas. It feels like a family in that community of members and many great people, making a great living with their knowledge, and they are happy to pass it on to you.

The platform at Wealthy affiliate is straightforward to navigate and well designed, they have been doing this for 17 years, and it shows. They have it down to a science and know the personal side is what matters.

My Support. 

I want to add my own personal support to this review. I believe in this product so much that I am willing to help anyone who wants help to go through this with them.

You can leave a comment below, or better yet, send me an email to my personal email I have listed under my name and feel free to ask me anything or make any comments about this review. I am happy to guide you through any questions or concerns. I will give you my honest and personal experience with this product.


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