Self Esteem Activities For Women

It is great to read about self-esteem and, better yet, to go out and do it. Here are some excellent self-esteem activities for women!

Put these into your daily routine, see your self-esteem grow, and live your life to the fullest! Having great self-esteem will give you the confidence to help you accomplish your goals and be fully connected to life and the people in your life!

Don’t Follow That Sh*t. social media picture

Writing is very productive in many ways and is great for reminding you not to compare yourself to others.

Write down who your triggers are for comparisons. Who do you seem to compare yourself to and feel like you lack constantly?

Once you have your list, think about what you can do to get rid of the triggers. If it is social media, you can not follow them, and you can also start to realize that what people present to you is most likely not their real story. Write that list of people down every day and watch that list disappear!

You Are Strong. woman with intense look

Like all humans, focusing on our mistakes or what we fail at is normal but not needed. We can focus on our strengths and what we do so well.

What our great accomplishments are and what the next ones will be! Control your mind, and don’t let your mind’s negative talk control you. You can do two awesome things every day that will take control of your negative inner talk.

  • Write down all your accomplishments, go back to grade school to the present moment, the story you wrote, the Mother’s day gift that you made, all the way to getting that job you wanted, and so on. List them all down and read them every day in the morning! Take that 5 minutes to read them every day and remind yourself how great you are and capable of anything you set your mind to!
  • Write down all the things you are strong at, no matter how small or big. Write it down; I am great at listening, cooking, photography, organizing, planning, and socializing. I am great at helping others and my job and a great friend and partner. Write them all down and read them every day in the morning. It is excellent to know how good you are and what your strengths are. Practice these strengths in your daily life, and be aware that you are doing them every day!

Just Do It. scrabble letters spelling go for it.

Often we want to be perfect at something before we do it. We think we have to exceed others’ expectations before presenting them to the world.

We need to understand that we do not need to be perfect; we will never be perfect, which is just fine. We need to act on what we want with the best we have at this moment.

If we wait till we think we are perfect at something, we will probably never get much accomplished or not in good time. Just do it, and learn from it. Both the doing of it and the learning from it will give you the confidence to keep doing things and keep accomplishing things even if it is not perfect!

Perfectionism kills accomplishments; go for that promotion even though you feel you are not perfect for that job; you just might surprise yourself and get it! Do this with all things in life, and you will be amazed at what you achieve!

Meditate. woman meditating

People have over 6,000 thoughts per day, and like most of us, many of those thoughts are negative or counterproductive.

Meditation is an excellent thing to do every day to counter those negative thoughts and learn how to make friends with the mind’s constant communication with ourselves. Being able to sit in a quiet spot, let the negative thoughts come in, just acknowledge them, and send them away as just thoughts and nothing more.

For instance, if we are saying to ourselves that we will never get that project done, we are not good enough. In meditation, we can hear that thought and say to ourselves that we will rock this project and that we are the best person to do it so that it will get done.

It will be awesome, but I understand you want to protect me from failure, but I will not fail, so let’s get on board and do our best to make this project our best yet. Meditate every day about positive things, and if the negative comes into your mind, simply thank it and let it go!

Engage. two women hugging

Engaging with people is a simple thing to do every day, but it will be significant for your self-esteem. Make eye contact with people, and smile at them. This lets them know you are open to communication and you want to engage with them, even if it is just for that moment of eye contact. It makes people feel like you are interested, and then they are interested in you.

The more you engage in life and people, the more confident you will be, and you will learn so much more about others, and they will learn about you. So smile and make eye contact. It is easy to do and will make you feel connected to life and people.

Goal Setting. typewriter spelling the word goals

Goal setting is an easy activity and can be fun. Set a goal every day; it can be big or small. It is easy for us to be overwhelmed with many goals in our heads, but if we can break it down to one goal a day, we feel great about getting it done and knowing we will have another for tomorrow.

It can be more than one goal, but try to make it so that the goals can be done on that day. If they are big goals, break those goals down into smaller pieces that can be accomplished in a day to get you on your way to the big goal. Reaching these goals done every day will be great for your self-esteem, so write them down every day and cross them off as you do them!

Self Love. woman making a heart with hands

Take yourself on a special date! Once a week, take the time to take yourself out, have a nice time, and get to know YOU. Loving yourself is a big key to great self-esteem, and you can not love yourself till you get to know yourself.

Find out your likes and dislikes, and get honest about your thoughts and values. Getting to know yourself will give you confidence and great self-esteem. It will also allow you to love who you are in all its greatness and areas needing extra care. Take yourself on a date!

Speak Your Mind.  two women friends chatting to each other

If you find it hard to speak up, share your thoughts and ask for what you want, then this is crucial to having great self-esteem.

You can do this in steps first, talk to yourself in the mirror, speak your mind, and then maybe to your spouse or best friend, and even though it will be uncomfortable, it will be at first.

Speak your mind and ask for what you want in life to all people in your life. The more you do this, the easier it gets, believe me. It may not ever be completely comfortable, depending on what you are speaking about, but the discomfort will never stop you, and you start to realize that you are more confident, have better self-esteem, and get what you want in life. This should be a daily practice that becomes just a part of who you are!

What Would She Do?  woman with arms wide open to the sunlight

A great way to build confidence and, in turn, build self-esteem is to think of someone you know with great confidence and self-esteem, and when you come across a situation and are not sure what to do.

Ask yourself what would she do? It allows you to permit yourself to do something that a strong woman would do and feel strong doing it.

Another way is to ask yourself, what is the right decision based on your values, it may not be the easiest way, but it gives you the strength to know you are following your values, and no matter what way it turns out, it was the right way. If nothing else, you learned from it and will be better next time!

Exercise.  woman doing yoga pose

Finally but not least important. Exercise will not only be good for your body’s health, but it will be amazing for your mind’s health.

The key is to do something you love. Dance, sports, walks, hikes, swimming, yoga, or anything you will want to do for at least 30 minutes a day. It releases endorphins, releases stress, keeps your body in shape and healthy, and keeps your mind in shape and healthy.

Incorporating a healthy diet into the routine is a bonus to make you feel even better. This will help your self-esteem in so many ways that you will be unstoppable!

Conclusion.  scrabble tiles spelling start making changes

Start slow, pick a few activities that you want to try first, and when you get them into your life, try a few more, and soon all of these will just be a part of you and your daily life.

Be the rock star of self-esteem, be confident in who you are and what you are capable of. These activities will get you there; it is not a race, so take your time and just get there when you get there. You got this!!

I will leave a few links to help you get further into self-esteem solutions. The links are free and help support my website, but they will also greatly benefit you on your road to unstoppable self-esteem!

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