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My website review. This review will help my readers decide if this therapy will be suitable for them. I do not review any products or courses that I have not used myself. So this is my review of the online therapy website that provides Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) as its primary focus. You can go to all my reviews at under the website’s review section.


What does it do? It gives you total access to CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy from the comfort of your home.

My rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Members Rating: 74% of members reported good to excellent service and satisfaction.

Founded: 2009


  • Licensed Therapists
  • Below average monthly memberships
  • Easy to use
  • Therapist bios are posted so you can better choose the right fit
  • Therapists from all over the world
  • Multiple communication solutions
  • Discounts available
  • HSA/FSA accepted
  • Excellent additional resources are available
  • Incredible for anxiety and depression
  • Uses CBT as its focus for treatment


  • No couples therapy 
  • No group therapy
  • No insurance coverage
  • No medication prescibed
  • Adults only

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When you arrive at the website, you find out that they are very good at what they do. There is a lot of information, a free self-test to give yourself an evaluation, and more than enough to figure out if this is what you are looking for before signing up. The actual sign-up is very easy, and you will answer some questions to determine where your best care will be found.

Once you are matched with your therapist’s recommendations, you can choose which therapist you like best. You will hear back from the therapist within 24 – 48 hours. You can also select which method of communication is best for you, audio, messaging, or video chat. therapy logo offers three different pricing subscriptions, ranging from $160/month to $320/month. The average price for online therapy is $330/month. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time with no questions asked. You will be charged for the entire month paid for, but no further charges will be applied. It is an easy cancellation process.

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The platform is straightforward to use, the quality of video and audio is excellent, and members mentioned no troubles. When you are signed up, you will have your sessions with your therapist, and as additional support, they will recommend other sources of support that are all provided online for free with a subscription. The resources on this platform are excellent and have a lot to choose from.

Therapist therapy logo has licensed Psychologists, professional counselors, and mental health counselors, all with a minimum of three years of experience and over 2000 hours of clinical experience. They have over 70 therapists listed and over 90% satisfaction with the service from the therapists.

Therapies therapy logo Right For You?online therapy logo

If you are someone who has any of these issues, you can get some outstanding support and help from this website. If you are in the severe areas of these and medication should be prescribed, you are better off going to your doctor or psychologist in person. This can also be additional support to your therapy already in progress. This should not be used as emergency help or if you have thoughts of harming yourself or others.


If you are looking for CBT as your primary therapeutic support, then is more than likely an excellent option for you. If you are at low to mid-range levels of suffering from these issues, you will find a lot of support and help with

If you are suffering from severe conditions of these issues, or are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, then more support will be needed than what is offered here. They have a lot of resources and information on the website, and the therapy is excellent and highly rated by the users. I highly recommend becoming a member if you suffer from any of these issues mentioned above.

Update, every person joining from this article will get a 20% discount when joining!!!online therapy logo

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  1. Thanks for this! It’s definitely a low cost program considering it has licensed counselors to help with therapy. I will definitely have to look into this! And I especially appreciate that HSA is approved as I know many people who could benefit from that!

    • Hi Cayden,
      I appreciate you reading my article and really understanding the value of this program offered by Online Therapy. They have really helped me and are great support, I hope the same for you and your loved ones. Eric

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