How To Talk To Women About The Weather With Confidence!

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Learn how to talk to women about the weather with confidence. You will be able to speak to any woman you want to with confidence, and it is something that can be learned, practiced, and eventually easy! If you take these little steps and use them in real-world experiences, you will soon learn how to talk to any woman with confidence and many incredible conversations you would never have had if you didn’t take that step!

Conversation Starters.  man and woman talking

This part stresses most men out, what to say, how to act, and whether it will come out right or sound creepy. This is where you must learn how to be confident, bold, and engaging!

Having said that, it is not something you have; all men who have this ability have learned it over time and many rejections.

So the key is to understand what the steps are and use them as much as you can; no matter what the result is, you keep using them until it becomes perfected and natural. In time you will know the right conversation starter for any situation.

Be Direct And Honest. dog in doggy bed

If you approach a woman with “you are so beautiful,” it may be an honest and direct approach. Still, it usually will not get you very far, as it does come across as insincere, or at least unoriginal, as that has probably heard this many times and will say “thank you” and move on. Find something specific you like about her looks, maybe her eyes, smile, etc.

Find something unique to that moment, something you are genuinely interested in knowing about her. For example, if she has a dog with her at the park, you might say something like, ” I saw your great smile and wanted to come over to say hi. You have a great-looking dog; what is their name?” From there, the door is open to having great conversations about her dog, how old the dog is, how long she has had it, and where she got it. Maybe your dog and her dog can go for walks together, playdates, etc.

You learn to read each situation in time, but it takes experience, which comes with trial and error. So try it as many times as possible till it becomes easy. Do not worry about those that don’t work; it is excellent knowledge going forward and lots to learn from.

Be Real.sign saying be real

When being hit on, a woman is used to men just saying what they think they should say to make her feel good, but in reality, they want you to be real and yourself. So an example may be something like this, ” Your dress looks beautiful, but I think those shoes don’t make the dress stand out like it could” just make sure it is something you are being honest about. It will be refreshing to a woman to hear that you are being honest and not just trying to compliment her on looking good. They want to know that you will be authentic, not just another guy hitting on her.

Be Different. duck leading the pack

When you are nervous about saying the right thing or being like other men, that is when you will be another guy. It would be best if you stood out as someone they will remember and not another guy!

Be playful, tease them, and be silly. Think about who you tease and are playful with, usually your best friends. Women want to feel like you are talking to them like a best friend and not trying to say the right thing or acting cool.

The faster you can let them feel comfortable and laugh, the better the impression will be, and the more they will want to find out more about you. You want them to be interested in knowing more about this different person.

Practice Being Natural.

It may sound odd that you should practice being natural, but it is very true. The more you practice with every situation, the more natural it will feel over time. You can even practice before you get out there by anticipating responses. There are only 3 different types of reactions.

You can plan ahead what you may say to each so that it does become a natural response, rather than an awkward moment you were not prepared for.

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  1. Positive response: If you notice the positive response, she likes talking to you and seems interested in knowing you, then keep going. You are doing the right things, so keep it up and go with the flow. Don’t get an ego about it and start pretending you are too cool for school, or get scared and start to watch your words, so you don’t say anything to blow it. Keep the natural rhythm flowing and go with how the conversation is going. If you think it is okay, a few little touches show interest and show you are comfortable.
  2. Maybe Interested: This is where she finds you interesting and likes the conversation, but she will throw a few tests out there to see if you pass or not. She will ask a few questions, and how you answer them will decide if she wants to continue or has decided to move on. For example, she may ask, ” Do you say this to all the women?” Your response should be fun, playful, and a little different. Your response could be like, ” So far, it has been 7 women, my mom, and my dog”. She was not looking for an honest answer to this question. It was a test to see if you could keep her interest and keep her smiling. If you say, “I’ve never said this to anyone before.” She will know you are not being real, be uninterested in that response, and probably decide to start and end this conversation.
  3. Negative response: This is where it separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Someone who takes a negative reaction and decides that it was an awful interaction and that you don’t want to do that again will never do well and will often just quit and never meet women. Someone who takes the negative response and sees it as a great learning moment, and then figures out what went good, and what went wrong, and why, then they know how to do it a little better next time, that is the person who will learn to be comfortable talking to women and be very successful at it over time. This response is almost as great as the positive one because learning from it will get you to be great at talking to women.

Conclusion.  man with arms reaching to sky

Make notes on these hints, and write them down in your own words to start to put them into practice right away. Remember that no one is great at this right away. The more you practice, the better you get, like anything in life.

So go out there and start practicing, knowing that any adverse reaction can and will be learned to make you better at it. As you go out and have conversations with women, you will find that you get better and better with each conversation. You will start to gain confidence, and this will show up to the other person, and it is attractive to women.

You will find you have great conversations and learn about people; whether you get a date or not, it will be interesting and worth the experience. Over time, you will also find out that you are getting very good at it, and more and more women want to talk to you. The more comfortable you are to be you and comfortable to know you will wow her with your unique personality, the more success you will have, and it will no longer be a problem for you, naturally who you are!

As always, I am here to support you in any way, so leave a comment below or shoot me an email and let me know how I can support you or answer any questions.

Here are some great books to look at to help: Conversation Casanova,   How To Talk To Women,     How To Attract Women.


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  1. This… just this! Be yourself and things start to feel a lot more natural!

    The section about being direct and honest is brilliant, we love a good compliment but as you said, it won’t spark up a conversation. A conversation is where you can be ‘authentically you’

    Thank you Eric!

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