How To Live Life From The Edge

man looking over the edge of a cliff

How to live life from the edge can mean different things to different people. Some think of more extreme ways, and some think of just talking to a stranger as living on the edge.

For me, it is about the attitude, not what you do so much. In society, we have so many rules and things that are expected of us to act or say. It is the ability to do as you want, experience the things you have passion for, or do something that scares you, that lets you live life to the edge.

As long as it is done without hurting people and is something you want to experience, then I say go for it! So that you know, I have tried all the things listed below!

We often spend our life collecting things, cars, houses, new phones, new clothes, the best technology, etc. Why not put more effort and time into collecting incredible experiences!

When we die, we will not be thinking about how great our new phone was, our new car, or our profile on Facebook. We will be thinking of our life experiences and how well we lived our life with adventures, not how we lived with our material things.

I have lived both styles, lots of money and things but no life experiences, and now money only means the freedom it gives me to experience life! By the way, the second way of life is wayyyyyyyy better!! Here are just a few ideas on getting started with living life from the edge!

Soak Up The Stars.Stars out at night

On a clear night in the summer, sleep under the stars, whether in the back of a pickup, on a blanket on the beach, or even on your sundeck at home.

Just spend the night staring at the stars, finding shooting stars, and just realizing how small we are in this universe. It will make you think and have a great appreciation for how we are all connected.

See The World.

Experiencing the world can take some money, but can also be done very much on the cheap. Whether you backpack andpicture of the world stay in hostels or hotels all the way, it will be one of the experiences that you think of before you die.

The places you get to see, the people you get to meet, and the feeling of being connected and engaged to this earth and yourself are amazing and unforgettable.

Instead of buying that new car that you don’t need, or building that sundeck to impress the neighbours, take that money and travel the world! Noone, including yourself, will want to hear the stories of your new car or your new sundeck, but everyone will want to know about the places you saw and people you met, and those experiences will be yours to take with you!

Do What Scares facing a scary ghost

Do something every day that scares you. From little things like talking to a stranger to significant events like skydiving, bungee jumping, or asking that person you met for their phone number.

Nothing will give you the adrenalin rush of living life to the fullest and on the edge as much as doing the things that scare you. Now you can do these things with care, respect for others, and safety from injury, but you can go outside your box to try new things you were always too scared to try!

You will be amazed at yourself, the things you experience, the thrills you get, and all the accomplishments and confidence you gain from each one!

Skinny Dip.woman skinny dipping

It is not so much the act of skinny dipping that you should do this; it is the attitude and feeling you get from doing something that may make you uncomfortable at first but teaches you that it is never as bad as you talk yourself into.

As you feel the water on your naked body, and how refreshing it is, and even how naughty it feels, it will awaken you to the fact that no one got hurt, you survived, and it made you feel great!

A lot of things in life that our mind tells us we shouldn’t do because of what people may think of us or that we may get caught and be embarrassed turn out to be the things that hurt no one, bring pleasure, and others are most envious of if they knew. It is the start of thinking that way and experiencing life on your terms, not for others!

Social Media Ban.picture of social media

Who would have thought that not being on social media accounts would be considered living on the edge lol. These days it has become such an obsession, distraction, and cause of low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and loss of basic social skills.

Try to either cut out social media entirely or at least limit it to less than 15 minutes a day. The amount of time gained from not being on social media can be used to engage in real life and have real-life experiences.

Talk to a stranger you just met, find out more stories from your friends over a coffee, visit a loved one, and take some time to connect and engage with your partner, leading to more intimate times. The benefits of putting down the phone and connecting to life around you will be very uplifting and lead to living a life fully engaged.

Conclusion.woman reaching for the sky

For me, the idea of living life on the edge is about following your passions, living boldly, with confidence, and sticking to your values without hurting anyone. Be spontaneous, follow your heart and desires, and do all those things you want to do but are afraid of what others may think or that you didn’t dare to do them.

Experiment with your ideas, and explore where they take you. Try little steps at first, and as you get confident, grow those ideas and explore more. Be bold and experiment sexually; try things you have always wanted to do but thought you would be judged or were told that it is just not normal.

As long as you do it with respect and all is consensual, then talk to your partner and see what you can explore together. If your partner is not supportive of your thoughts, I suggest you are with the wrong person if you want to live life on the edge!

Live life bold, confident, engaged, and fully honouring your passions, and explore what is out there in life! As always, I am here to support you in any way I can. Please feel free to leave a comment below or email me with any questions or if you need any help getting started. I am happy to support you on this journey!

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  1. Living on the edge is an interesting topic. I would not think that simple things would be considered “on the edge” but you are correct.

    Often times it is the small simple things that are preventing us from accomplishing massive goals.

    • Thank you, Brad, you are correct, it is the little steps that get us to the big steps. Living on the edge is about an attitude, not so much about what you do!

      • Thank you, living life on the edge for me is more about living a full life of taking chances and being confident to do so.

  2. Hi Eric,
    I loved this article!
    I personally like the idea of living life on the edge . Your this beautiful article took me to my own happy world.

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