How To Help With Low Self Esteem – With A Quiz

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How to help with low self-esteem? Well, the first and most important step has already been made. You are reading this and can identify with yourself or someone you know having low self-esteem in their life.

Self-esteem affects your whole life; good self-esteem makes your life connected and fully engaged with life and the people in your life. Low self-esteem can debilitate you, and it leads you to have a life of being in the background, no true friends, no engaged relationships, and letting life pass you by like a bystander and not participating.

There is a quiz near the bottom of the article that you can take for free that will let you know where you are with your self-esteem. Engage in your life, fully participate and take the lead to a fully connected life!

What Is Self Esteem?Man grabbing his head

Self-esteem is personal; for each of us, our self-esteem is ours and no one else’s, so it is easy to explain self-esteem in the sense that if we feel good about ourselves and feel free to say and do as we want with confidence, then we have good self-esteem.

If we have a self-critic that seems to be relentless, and we withdraw from life, people, and taking positive actions, then we have low self-esteem. From this description, you can see how important it is to have good self-esteem and how your life can be severely unsatisfying with low self-esteem.

Major Causes Of Low Self media picture

Low self-esteem has many causes, and for each person, it is different. Still, some of the more common causes are rooted in our childhood, siblings, parents, friends, social media, and advertising media that send positive and negative feelings about yourself and your looks.

Situations can cause low self-esteem, grief, illness, and feeling like you failed at something you tried, which can all cause you to have adverse effects on your self-esteem. When this happens, the main thing that happens is your self-critic tells you that you are not good enough.

Whatever it is or what you said, your inner critic tells you that you said the wrong thing or did it wrong, so you are not good enough. You have to get to a point where you can tell that inner critic that you are good enough, and I will show you!

What Are The Effects On Our life? Man sitting depressed

Low self-esteem will have many effects on your life, all of which are negative. You lose confidence in yourself, so you retreat from people and life. You will not try things that may challenge you but also give you confidence. It is a spiral downhill because you do not try the things that can get you back to having good self-esteem.

If you keep going down this road, it leads to anxiety and depression. This can also lead to unhealthy habits that make it worse, such as drinking, drugs, and smoking more to cope with the feelings of low self-esteem.

Now Let’s Get That Self Esteem Boosted.

Boosting your self-esteem can be done in many ways, and I will talk about some of them here; they will get you started to get out of your spiral down and start climbing the hill back to good self-esteem. These are easy things you can work on every day, and as you get better at them, you will notice significant changes in your self-esteem and your life!

Whenever you try something new or uncomfortable, like these techniques I will write about, it is common not to give them a chance or not long enough to make a big change. Please give these exercises a chance, and let them slowly become a part of your life, your new confident and fully connected life.

    • Meditate: give yourself at least 15 minutes a day to meditate. There are many free guides on any subject you want for that day.
    • Journal: Every day, at the end of the day, write down what made you feel good that day, what you did well, and how you pushed yourself a little farther and made some reasonable steps forward. Be positive and think about what you are grateful for in your life. This will not take long and will be an excellent ending to your day!
    • Find positive people to hang with: Choose to be around people who build you up or have a healthy view on life, people who live life fully and take chances to succeed. These people will be a good influence and support you on your way. This takes no time and is simply a matter of choosing who you have around you.
    • Self-love: There are several ways to show yourself self-love every day; it is just a matter of choosing which are your favourites. This can be from playing games, exercise, yoga, walks, hikes, biking, reading, journaling, or anything you love to do that is positive for you. These will give you confidence, make you feel good, and provide you with something to look forward to every day! It can also just be sitting and telling yourself that you are good enough and you are doing great!
    • Speak up for yourself: Express how you feel, your thoughts, and what you want. Although it may feel hard at first, it just becomes who you are after doing it a number of times. You will get the things you want, and you will feel good about telling people what you feel, what your thoughts are, and what you want. You will also get confidence, and people will respect that you speak up for yourself!
    • Do something uncomfortable: Every day, do at least one thing that you feel uncomfortable doing but you know will be good for you or that you have always wanted to do. Start small, talk to someone you would never have talked to, or speak up when you thought you shouldn’t.
    • Just do something every day that gets you to realize that the world will not end if you speak up or do something that you have always wanted to do but were afraid to. You then start to find out that you can do anything you want with confidence, and you will rock it!
    • Inner Critic Quiz: Click on the link to take the Inner Critic quiz and see where you are in your life with self-esteem, it is free and a great tool to measure what is needed to get you back on track.  Inner Critic  Quiz.

Conclusion. sign saying be kind

If you do these small steps every day and keep doing them until they are just part of who you are, you will find significant changes in your self-esteem and in your life. They will not take up much time and may be uncomfortable to begin with, but in time and with real-life experience, they just become who you are.

I am leaving some very helpful links that can get you deeper into becoming your authentic self, full of self-confidence and self-esteem. The links are all proven by myself to work, and they range from books to read to full therapy online, all very valuable tools to get you to your full life that is engaged and connected to life and the people in it. Nothing is more important than leading a full life that you are proud of!

This is my review of a great online therapy website to support you: Online Therapy.

My review of the Self-Therapy Journey website: Self Therapy Journey.

My review of the Self-Love Workbook: Self-Love Workbook.

As always, I am here for you; please feel free to leave a comment. Also, send me an email on how you are feeling and what I can do to support you on your journey to better self-esteem.

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  1. Meditation is my absolute go to for boosting self esteem, I find it helps me to sleep better too!
    I think that I need to try doing something uncomfortable and push myself out of my comfort zone, but not sure where to start with that one!
    Loving the support that your site is giving!

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