How To Be Authentic In Life

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The new thing these days is how to be authentic in life! Everyone seems to say, “be real,” “be your best self,”
“be your authentic self.” That is all excellent advice, and I agree, but how to be authentic in life is much more than a saying or an inspiring quote to pass on. It can be your key to leading a complete and fully connected life that will give you the unique ability to be authentically you!

Stop Acting.    woman acting

It is exhausting and a life full of stress when trying to present yourself in the best light for each person or situation you are in. It will drain you and drive you crazy trying to act the way you think others want you to, say what you think others want you to say, etc. You will also find yourself not knowing what you said to one person and what you said to others and forever trying to keep track of how to act with each person.

I have written other articles on this, and you can go deeper into it by reading them here, Authentically Me 2022. I go deeper into finding your values and living by them, but it is essential to be authentic that you have your values written down and live your life to those values, even when it is not the easiest way.

I have six core values that I keep on my phone to look at whenever I need to decide what I should do or say. Sticking to your values will never be the easiest way in the short term, but it will be the best way. You will feel proud, confident, and strong that you did what you wanted, said your thoughts freely, and met your needs.

That is way better than stressing that you said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing, and did not get any of your needs met, not to mention letting people down, yourself down, and no one ever really knowing who you are, including yourself. Become comfortable being you, strong, confident, and happy!

Be Vulnerable.     one older hand on top of another

You can not be authentic if you are not speaking your truth, and if you are not speaking your truth, and if you can not be vulnerable, then you can not speak your truth.

Being vulnerable will be uncomfortable and something you need to learn to get comfortable with. As you become more vulnerable and do it more often, you will find it more manageable. You soon realize that others like that about you. They can relate to you and connect their vulnerable side to you. You are making everything more connected and engaged.

Just like we need oxygen to breathe and live, authenticity requires truth, honesty, and openness to live within you. You will never lack authenticity if you speak from your heart, soul, and values. Speaking up for yourself, your needs, and how you feel will not always be comfortable, but it will be needed for authenticity to grow and become who you are authentically!

This Is For You.    woman with arms open to the sky

This path of authenticity is for you; if you do it for someone else or to impress someone else, it has already lost its true meaning and will not succeed.

I have articles about getting confident, too, that you can look up on my website, but being confident in yourself will be crucial to becoming authentic. Instead of charting a path based on others’ expectations of you or what you think they want, you will be confident enough to chart your course.

It can be scary to chart your path and take charge of your life, but being confident enough to follow your values, speak your mind, ask for what you want and need, and then take steps to get all that done will give you even more confidence, and make you feel so free and connected to who you are. You have to do this for yourself; to find who you are, you must learn to be honest with yourself and what you want in life. That is the essence of being authentic!

Connect To Life And People.    two fingers pressed against each other

Relationships based on trust and dependability are far more connected, more valuable, and desired than relationships based on being liked.

Possessions in life are meaningless compared to the value of having a deeply connected, engaged, and trusting relationship with someone. Whether it be a friend, colleague, family, or stranger you met, but especially in an intimate relationship, there cannot be true love if there is no genuine and authentic connection.

How can anyone love someone they do not genuinely know, and unless you are being authentic, then you are not truly known. For true love and a true connection to be formed fully, both people must be fully authentic and connected by the honesty, trust, and openness of sharing your authentic self in all forms, good and messy.

People will only connect with you when you are comfortable enough to connect with them. A life where you do not truly connect to people or life, in general, is not a life that will be rewarding in the end. Forbes magazine did a study, and it said that only about 15% of people are authentically in touch with themselves, so you are not alone in your struggle, but it is time to start and get into that 15% zone and not the 85% category you are in now.

Humbly Authentic   an owl

If you want to live your life authentically, you need to be open and curious. Explore your life and your feelings, be curious about others, about life, ask questions, want to know more, and make this life an adventure that you are waiting to explore, not a set journey that you have the path set out for you.

Be open to others’ ideas, thoughts, and lives, be open to where conversations take you and where meeting someone takes you. Be curious in life, in people, and in all the possibilities that may come your way that is not planned. Be humble enough to know there is more to life, more to people than you may have first thought and that you may not always have the best solution or all the answers to life.

Be The Leader.    duck leading the way

Be the leader of your life, of how you act, what you say, and what you want. This is your authentic life, the life you want, the life you will be proud of, so take the lead and chart your unique path instead of following others. Know your values, lead by them, know your thoughts, act upon them, know what you want, and ask for it.

Becoming the leader of your life will take all the other steps and put them together to give you the confidence to lead the life that is meant only for you. Not only will you start being the leader of your own life, but you will find that you will start to become the leader in life in general. You will be leading groups, friends, workers, and family, and taking the lead in your relationship, it will start to fill you with even more confidence, and you will be getting a lot more accomplished and feeling great!

We Are Not Perfect.  man with hands on his head

In a world where we are trying to look perfect on Facebook, Instagram, and all social media aspects, it can be hard to let go of the thought that we need to be perfect. Perfection will never be attained, not by anyone, ever!

Please do not waste any time or effort in this endeavor; it is the ultimate in futility and frustration. Accept that you will not be perfect, but know that no one else is either, as much as it seems they are on social media or what they may tell you. Your life can be messy, complex, and not perfect, but that is what makes us all beautiful, unique, and exceptional in our authentic way.

Love yourself the way you are, work on things you need to improve, and know the things that are just who you are, which is just fine! Being not perfect is a great thing to be; it gives us something to strive toward, teaches us how to grow, leads us to great journeys, and fills our life with possibilities we have yet to know.

The only way we can be authentic is to know we are not perfect but to love the fact we are not perfect and look forward to what that will bring in our lives.

My Journey to Authentic Life.

long road with hills

Well, I have covered the basics of being authentic in life. As mentioned, I have other articles I have written on each different subject here on my website, Authentically Me 2022, so check them out if you want more details.

I will let you know that I was very much a person who was not authentic, and I was deep into not being authentic for way too long in my life. I was the one who never spoke my mind because others may not like it. I said things that I thought others wanted to hear followed others instead of charting my path, and never asked for what I wanted or needed because that would be so selfish. I was well-liked by people, but people did not respect me, did not want to hang out with me, and did not want to connect with me.

They could tell I was faking it; they could tell they did not know my true feelings and thoughts and knew I was following them to be nice. As a result, they often took advantage of my being nice and not speaking up or did not want to be around me much. It was not till the suffering and pain of living like that were getting to be too much that I decided I needed to change and wanted to find my authentic self again.

I went through an exhaustive journey of websites, books, therapy, and courses which eventually got me to the point of being clear. Clear as to how easy and comfortable being authentic can be. I will post some links below on some perfect and helpful places to start your journey.

I have tried all the links I promote, and the ones that have proven to be beneficial are the ones I post. There will be no cost to you by clicking on them, but it does help me keep my articles going, and you will be on the road to your new authentic life.

I am so interested in you getting this new authentic life going that I encourage you to send me an email or post a comment below. I will get back to you and support you on this journey, never a cost to you. It is just my personal desire to see people become their authentic selves. So please email me and let me know where you are on this journey and how I can help. I will point you in the right direction and give my thoughts.

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