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This is my review of the book Homecoming by Thema Bryant, Ph.D. This is an excellent book to read and learn from. It can give you a great understanding of becoming your true self through trauma and life problems. I want to review this book not so much to see if it is worth buying or not, but if it is the right book to support you.

This book is not for everyone, and I will go into detail about what it is all about and who it can help. From there you can decide whether this is a good book for you.


Author: Thema Bryant Ph.D.

About the book: Dr. Bryant knows intimately what it takes to survive and heal from sexual assault, racism, and being evacuated from her home in Liberia. As a Clinical Psychologist and an ordained minister, Dr. Thema knows how to recover from very traumatic events in your life and get back to your real self, and live life to your fullest capabilities. She has done it and can also show you how to do it.

My rating: 4.9 out of 5

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About The Book.

This is an excellent book to use as a road map to getting to your authentic life, engaging in people, and living fully and as your authentic self even after you have significant setbacks or trauma and find yourself struggling to survive. People fall into survival mode after disappointments, trauma, and all stressful events in their life. When in survival mode, we often people please, depression, anxiety, and resentment.

Dr. Thema can show you how to find your voice and authentic self and reclaim your life as it should be, complete and adventurous with confidence and self-esteem. She has gone through this journey already and knows what it takes to succeed in life after a significant setback.

Healing starts with being able to speak freely, voice your thoughts, and express your wants and needs to fully engage in life and live it on your terms. Rather than shrinking from your difficulties, you can learn to be stronger from them, rise above your thoughts of not being good enough, and claim your life and all that it can give you. Learn how to live by your values, and live as your authentic self, no apologies, just you as you are and being engaged in life and the people in it.

About The Author.

Dr. Thema Bryant is a clinical Psychologist and President-Elect of the American Psychological Association. She is also a Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University and an ordained minister. Dr. Thema earned her doctorate at Duke University and her post-doctoral training at Harvard medical school.

With more than 20 years of trauma recovery, she is widely sought after for TV, radio, and seminars to speak of her knowledge. Dr. Thema raises mental health awareness on her podcast Homecoming and her social media platforms.


Here are some notable reviews of her book:

“Dr. Thema Bryant is teaching people how to return to themselves and handle challenges along the way of self-discovery. This book is a must-read for anyone going through a transition in life or seeking to learn more about themselves.”
–Nedra Glover Tawwab, New York Times bestselling author of Set Boundaries, Find Peace

“A wise and empathic guide to (re-)discovering and befriending who you really are, no matter how much you may have drifted away due to stressful and painful life events, including not having been seen or valued by others, outright racism, violence, injustice, and traumas of all kinds. Dr. Bryant provides many possible pathways back to experiencing your original wholeness. Whatever path you take will be nothing less than the journey of a lifetime, starting from precisely where you are. This book arrives at the perfect time if you are willing to let it guide you in opening and reconnecting to your essential beauty.”
–Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Full Catastrophe Living

Dr. Thema’s invitation in this book is grounding. She encourages us to release busyness and get present. The resounding message is we are not lost, we are home. This is a book that everyone needs to read.
–Alexandra Elle, author of After the Rain

Dr. Thema Bryant’s Homecoming is a masterwork. It is a book of wisdom and instruction, a life-changer that teaches us how to unlock the fullness of our heart. The enlightening work is a lucid and spirited invitation to peace, a guide along the sacred path to the forgotten treasure of our authentic self. Homecoming takes us on an illuminating journey to clarity and calm, so needed in today’s anxiety-ridden world.
–Susan L. Taylor, founder and CEO of the National CARES Mentoring Movement and editor in chief emerita of Essence


If this book review sounds like something you need support in and could use to support you, then I highly recommend this book to give you the tools you will need to become your authentic self, expressing yourself freely and asking for what you want and need in life. This will lead to a fully engaged life with people, relationships, and the adventures of your life.

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