Fun Stuff To Do On A Rainy Day For Couples

rain on a window

I am sitting here on a rainy day and thinking that every day holds potential. A sunny day is lovely to make you feel good and energized, but it holds no more potential to be a great day than a rainy day. Here is some fun stuff to do on a rainy day for couples to have fun and make the best of every day!

Follow me on my rainy day date, or at least how I see it from my desk, writing this and looking out at the rainy day and dreaming of a great day with my friend and partner in crime. Anyone can have a great time on a sunny day, but do we have the imagination and creativity to have a great time on a rainy day? Let’s find out together in this article.

Let’s Start The Rainy Day. coffee cup

I wake up early and look out my window to see the beautiful rainy day ready for me to make the best of it. It is daring me to try and make this the best day ever, and I accept the challenge! I have a nice warm shower and get in the spirit of the magic this day will bring. After the shower, I dress for the rain and take off to see my beautiful friend and partner.

We share a big hug, and she is already dressed for the rain (she looks amazing even in a raincoat), and she’s ready for our day together. We drive along a road that passes by the ocean, and we get to look at the waves crashing on the beach and stop off at a local coffee shop and order a hot tasty coffee and tea to take with us.

Life’s A Beach! rainy beach

We drive to the beach and sit in the car watching the waves attack the beach, as it is also a windy day today. As we drink our drinks, we decide to pick a topic and talk about it.

We are both big talkers, so this is an easy, fun thing for us to do. As we listen to the radio station in the background, we decide to talk about what music we like. As we look out to the ocean, we talk about favourite bands, favourite songs, and the best bands we grew up with.

Feel The Rain. woman with rain on face

We finish our drinks and our chat about music and decide to venture out in the wind and rain to feel the sensations of life and how fresh and exhilarating the rain can make us feel. As we walk hand in hand and forge through the wind and soak up the fresh rain on our faces, we hear and see the waves crashing at our feet, running away, so the waves don’t soak our shoes.

Looking at the ocean, feeling the rain on our faces, and running from the waves, we realize how beautiful this moment is and hug. Walking the beach in the rain is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. I find it connects me to how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. On the way back to the car, we see a puddle, and both have the irresistible urge to run and jump in the puddle like we are five years old again. We giggle and hold hands with great pure joy!

Let’s Dry Off. couple eating together

We decided to have a nice lunch at a local restaurant that I heard had great Sushi, I know we are both sushi lovers, and we again get a great chance to talk and dry off from our beach walk. When we talk, we have great laughs, and she makes fun of how silly I can be. With full bellies and now warm and dry, we decide to go to all the exciting and fun shops we have never explored before.

We find some tremendous eclectic and unique shops to roam around in. We happen upon a lingerie shop after some Buddhist and funky jewelry shops. Well, this is where my interest piques, and we decide to have fun with her trying on new lingerie and me getting to see her try on lingerie. After choosing some fabulous new lingerie to enjoy at a later time, we decide to get some groceries and plan a recipe we have never tried before for dinner.

Making Dinner Together.couple making dinner together

We get to her house and start to make our new dinner recipe. As we get everything ready and chopped up, we have a great talk about how our day went and how much fun we had. I mention how great she looked in her lingerie, and she jokes back about how fun it was to see my face as I saw her fashion show. We talked about how good this dinner will be. I learn how to cook as she is a fantastic chef and can make anything taste so yummy.

We sit and eat the fantastic dinner we created together and have a toast to a great day and have fun in our day. As we eat, we plan a weekend away together where we can be alone and experience a new town and what it has to offer. It is great to explore new places and new people and have great memories of what that trip added to our life. Just planning it can be fun and exciting.

Winding Down. couple playing together

When I say winding down for the evening, I may classify it as winding up the night. Deciding on a board game, card game, puzzles, or Netflix on the couch is up to the two of you, but for me and my day together from sitting at my desk here, I choose to go with playing games together.

As I can be very imaginative here at my desk, I choose to combine strip poker with Twister! I am not exactly sure how that would work, but I know I would like to try and make it work, and whatever happened, I know I would sure enjoy it, and there would be a lot of laughing involved.

Now, after all the laughing and all limbered up from twister, I suggest a massage on the bed, as we are already naked anyway. I would turn the lights down in the bedroom, light some candles, play my romantic playlist and open the window to hear the rain outside. Then have her relax and enjoy a full body massage, which becomes my enjoyment as well.

Now how the rest of this evening goes is entirely up to the two of you, but I am sure you can figure something out that the two of you can end the night with, wink wink.

Conclusion. woman getting a massge

Now having spent the day with my friend and me on our rainy day, you can see how a rainy day has the potential to become as great as any sunny day could be. It is up to you and your partner’s imagination. Any of these activities can be substituted for any local activities you have. The idea is to be creative and have lots of time together to enjoy both the outdoors and the indoors.

I venture to say that it would be hard to top that rainy day on any sunny day. So when you see a rainy day, don’t get disappointed; get ready for the challenge to make that rainy day the best day ever for both of you. Every day has the potential to be the best day ever, and I say that a rainy day has as much or more potential as any sunny day, so go out and make it so!

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Feel free to leave a comment below, or email me with any questions or comments. I am here to support you in any way I can!

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Interesting straight talking article, intimate and real.

    Best wishes,

    Delroy M.

  2. This is another fantastic idea! I like what you said about “connecting the comfortable with being uncomfortable”. It’s so true! You have to embrace both of them, just as much in a relationship as anything else. Thank you for this wonderful article!

    • Hi Cayden,
      Thank you for reading the article, and you really get it, in life and with people we need to connect being uncomfortable to being comfortable! I am so happy you connected with that thought! Eric

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