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In these times of emerging from our isolations and staying home as much as possible, it is now time to start igniting the passion between couples. Planning trips for couples and romance time is well overdue and can be fun if you introduce the “Bucket Time.”

Now, this article is about the concept of  “Bucket Time” what you put into the bucket is all about you and your partner’s creativity and fun side. Bucket Time will bring you both together in many ways, not just physically together, but to have fun and feel connected as you have bucket time.

You can have as many buckets as you like, and there are many ways to bring Bucket Time to any part of your life that can make your time together fun and bring you closer, but I will talk about my four buckets.

What Is Bucket Time?box with cards in it

Bucket Time will be what you make it as a couple. You can decorate your buckets up together or keep them plain. A simple ice cream bucket will work as well as an expensive champagne bucket. The main idea is to get together and start your buckets, put them in the category you have decided to have, and put them on the table.

Let’s Start.

Each of you takes as many pieces of paper as you want for each bucket. Without letting the other person see your writing, you jot down notes that pertain to each bucket. After you are done writing, you put them crumpled up and into the bucket, and close the lid so no one can look.

Make it fun!

How many buckets you have and what the topics are, is part of the fun you can have together. You can also choose how many notes go into each bucket for both of you. When you decide to have Bucket Time, you can also select what bucket you will pick from.

Start slow and go from there.

As a couple, you can choose a specific day that you will pick from a bucket, or it can be spontaneous. You may only play a couple of times a month at first, but as you get to see how fun it is and how much it connects you both, the frequency of Bucket Time will increase, and soon you will be emptying the bucket in no time and sitting down to refill it!


The fun is not knowing which person’s pick will be picked and what that pick will look like. Even if it is your pick, you will not know which one till it is selected. If it is not your pick, it will be fun supporting your partner’s pick and knowing that your pick will come next, maybe lol. Also, the fun will be doing whatever comes up together as a couple, making a commitment to each other, and wanting to become more connected with every pick!

Why Do We Need Bucket Time? couple cooking togehter

Bucket Time is a fun way to get you both together, talking, having fun, and planning time together to connect and keep the spark alive.

 Look forward to Bucket Time.

Bucket Time together will be something to look forward to. Turn an ordinary day from doing the same things into fun, exciting adventures and moments that bring you closer, more engaged, and fully connected.

Have fun together!

The idea is to make Bucket Time fun and something you play together from start to finish. From creating your buckets to putting your ideas into the buckets, choosing what happens from the Bucket Time, going ahead and experiencing those ideas together, and having fun with the time spent together.

How To Play Bucket Time. post it notes

How to play is simple. You each put the same amount of suggestions into each bucket. Crumple it up or do something that makes what you wrote not visible until picked. When all the requests are in buckets, simply pick a day to have Bucket Time.

You can choose what bucket to select from or even multiple buckets for that day. For example, you may want to pick from an adventure bucket that day, and after a day of adventures, you both feel like the evening might need a sexy bucket pick.

The rest of the game is simple, go out as a couple and experience whatever you picked! You can make guidelines to what you put in the bucket as far as time spent, budget, or making sure it is something you both can enjoy or try out together as a couple.

When a bucket is empty, you can sit down again with a drink,  and add more suggestions to that bucket. It will be fun to see how long it takes to empty each bucket, especially the sexy bucket!

The Adventure Bucket. couple on an adventure

I will be giving you a few ideas for the topics of Bucket Time buckets. You will add and have your personal Bucket Time ideas.

That is what makes this fun and connecting. It will be your Bucket Time that you both create it together. The adventure bucket can be as small as an hour-long car ride to the beach for a walk or as grand as a weekend away at a resort with a spa treatment.

This is when you need to talk about how long you have for the adventure, how much you want to spend on the adventure, and how you plan to make the adventure possible, i.e., kids and dogs are taken care of lol. You can even have two adventure buckets, one for short day adventures and one for weekend-long adventures. Just choose which adventure bucket is suitable for that day!

The Role Reversal Bucket.lawnmower

This will be a fun bucket, too, as it will take a lot of fun thinking. Think of a role that your partner in crime usually takes care of.

For instance, maybe one mows the lawn every week, and one does the cooking, well you can put in the bucket, for this day, the other will mow the lawn as the other cooks a great dinner.

It is up to each couple what those roles will be and how to reverse them, but it can be fun to know the other person will get a little look at what you do for them regularly.

You will be able to talk about it at the table as the other partner has cooked a special meal for you. If the one partner can not cook well, you can still reverse roles; after you do the mowing, come inside and help teach your partner how to cook that special meal together.

Loving Gesture Bucket. woman making heart with hands

Have a bucket full of loving gestures. On a day when you are busy but want to feel that connection with your partner, you can pick from the loving gesture bucket. This bucket can have your name on it, and you put what you would like as a loving gesture from your partner in your own bucket.

At any time on any day, you can pick out a gesture from your partner’s bucket and surprise them with a loving gesture that you picked from their bucket. This pick is done alone and not with your partner, but it is to feel connected to your partner and show your love. It also makes you feel great to see them smile and be thankful.

The Sexy Bucket.woman getting a massage

This bucket will be popular, and the quicker you can empty it, the better! Now how you two set up the guidelines for this bucket is up to you, but here are some cool ideas. The idea here is not so much for the sex but for what you two can do to spice it up; here are some examples:


  • Role play suggestions, write down your favorite role play ideas, go to the local thrift store, and shop together for some fun ideas on how to dress up for your roles one night.
  • Sexy massage night, where you can set the room full of candles and sexy music and let your partner enjoy a full body massage that pays special attention to very special body areas.
  • Ask for a long and passionate make-out session that will undoubtedly start any fires in both of you.
  • If you have any specific areas of your body that like extra attention, make the request. For instance, if a part of your neck drives you wild, let your partner know to spend extra time kissing you there.
  • Maybe you want a bath drawn for you and your partner to wash you all over.
  • How about asking for sexy texting all day to get you revved up for the evening.
  • Be creative and even ask for an exchange, like I will do this for you if you do that for me!

You get the idea, have fun with it, make it yours as a couple, and respect each other’s boundaries. This bucket may empty very quickly!

Conclusion.couple holding hands

The idea here is to realize that as a couple, you have made a commitment to each other, and as life goes on and time goes by, it is easy to fall into a rut or the same thing over and over, losing that connection and commitment to each other.

This is a great way to commit to each other in a new and fun way. This will bring that spark back for you both, and have fun getting engaged, connected, and making an effort to fully enjoy life and support each other together as a committed couple!

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Feel free to leave a comment below, or email me with any questions or comments. I am here to support you in any way I can! I will even help get you started on this journey and provide you with more ideas and suggestions

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  1. This is a fantastic idea! I’m excited to start doing this with my girlfriend as I’m sure it’ll really help our relationship grow even stronger. Thank you for another wonderful article!

    • Hi Cayden,
      I practice this with my girlfriend too and I can say it really does bring the two of you together and more connected as well as having a lot of fun on the way! Thank you for reading and enjoy your time with your girlfriend even more now. Eric

  2. What a creative, original idea! I’ll bring this up with my husband and give it a try!

    • Thank you for your comment and definitely give it a try! Let me know how it works for you two, and what variations you came up with! Any questions just email me or leave a comment!

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