Best Selling Self-Help Books For Women

This is the place to find that perfect book to become a better you! I will show the description and give you the links to buy the best-selling self-help books for women. No need to scour the internet for the best books, I will provide you with the top 10 books, and what they are all about, and you can choose which is best for you! They are in no particular order as each offers a different self-help area!

Best Selling Self-Help Books.

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Description Of Each Book.

Self-Love Workbook-

This book is about embracing who you are as a woman and discovering how to love yourself in a practical workbook for all ages. Immerse yourself in exercises to help build self-esteem, and improve your relationships.  The book uses proven techniques that are formed from mindfulness and positive psychology. The book uses quizzes and journaling that help you tap into your emotions and let you fly without limiting beliefs.

The book shows you how to create the life you want with Self-Love!

Unf*ck Your Brain –

This book is more generalized on helping you through many different mental health issues. These issues are ruining the lives of millions of people and using science to make it practical.

The mind is excellent at obsessing about trauma, and we, of course, listen to our mind and start to go down some awful roads following the mind. This book will teach you the science and why we go down these roads of destruction and what we can do to change that road to more productive solutions.

This book likes to use science and a lot of swearing to grab your attention as Dr. Faith explains what is happening inside your head at these times. It details how to retrain your brain to start and respond appropriately to everyday things that may overwhelm us while in trauma. This book does deal with PTSD and all kinds of trauma; it uses humour and cares to get you to the other side.

You Are A Badass –  

 In this book, Jen Sincero uses funny, inspiring stories, easy exercises, and some swearing to give you 27 bite-sized chapters to help you identify your destructive behaviours, stop those behaviours, and start to get what you want, and create a life you are proud of and knowing you are living fully.

By the end of the book, you will understand why you do the things you do and how to change those things into positive changes. Know what you can change, know what you can not change, and love what you can not change, but grow and get better at what you can change. Excellent book for some ass-kicking, lol.

Stop Overthinking– 

this book, specifically with your mind, is overthinking. It was a particular problem for me till I read this book. It teaches you to overcome negative thoughts, reduce stress, and live your life fully. Overthinking is enormous for all of us, and it causes a lot of unhappiness in life. This book will teach you to get unstuck in the endless pattern of these thoughts.

Overthinking causes so much stress, worry, and anxiety daily; this book helps you learn what it is and how to tame it and start to control it. Nick Trenton is excellent at teaching techniques to help us rewire those mind thoughts and begin to control our thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you. I liked this book and know we all struggle with our brain and how it talks to us.

The Power Of Self-Discipline – 

This book is more geared toward using self-discipline to get what you want and desire. It teaches you how to stop self-defeating behaviours and create positive new ones.

This book is more for the people who want to create a better life and get what they want through the techniques of self-discipline. How to make your willpower work for you and not against you. How do you get to a point you can do this every day and not even think about it.

If discipline is where you are lacking in life, this is a great book to get off your butt and start doing the things you need to to get self-discipline into your life so that it becomes just a part of who you are. It has great insight into where you are and how to get out of the rut!

Let That Sh*t Go- 

I love the title, and Monica Sweeney also had another great book called Zen as F*ck, which is another excellent title.

This book is about something I think we all can relate to, worrying about what others will think of us or how we can get revenge on someone. When the beauty of realizing that if you let go of the bullsh*t and leave it behind and not worry about what others think, you too can lead a full, happy life without the worries of all those things that just become obstacles and prevent us from a happy life.

This book is excellent for getting down to the things that matter, getting to a life where you don’t give a f*ck, and lifting your spirits higher in the process. I love the charm of swearing and the no bullsh*t attitude of the book.

Get Out Of Your Own Way- 

this is a great idea and something we all need to do. We need to learn how to get out of our way a lot of times in life, and this book teaches us how to recognize when we are in our way and how to get ourselves out of our way!

It tells us of 40 self-defeating things we do to block us from living our lives, and best yet, it lets us know how to take those barriers down and start to live the life we want and deserve. In order to live a fully engaged and authentic life, we need to get out of our own way! An excellent book to read!!

Rock Bottom Is Where Bad Bitches Are Built-

Yet another excellent title for a great book! This book is about getting yourself out of the bottom of a hole that trauma has put you in. If you have had significant trauma in your life and feel like you are sinking, this is the book for you! It teaches you that, like climbing a mountain, you start at the bottom, and even though it seems impossible to climb, if you take it step by step and have good footing, you will make it to the top, and the summit will be worth every step.

Dr. Atkins is great at this work, and you can tell when reading this book that it is very deep and is for everyone suffering from trauma, no matter what it is. I believe this book can get you from the bottom of despair to the peak of the mountain, it will not be easy, but the book will support you in the climb and give you all the tools you need to get to the top!

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget- 

this book is all about forgiving, as the title might suggest. This book is about having things done to you, and you can not seem to forgive. These things may never be forgotten, but they can be forgiven, and this book can give you the tools and steps and show you the way to free yourself from the resentment and move on with your life.

You will learn how to move on when others will not and walk you through the steps to forgiveness. This book did have a lot of religious teachings, and if that is not your style, then it may not be the book for you, but it is a good book that has good information about forgiving. It was a little too religious for my likes, but if you are inclined to be religious, it will be a good book to get to forgiveness!

Love Yourself First-

this book is for women who may be living a life far less than they deserve because they have not learned to love themselves. This book is about loving yourself first, and then other beautiful things will come your way.

You will be more confident and happy, have better connections with people and life, and others will treat you with love. This book is also about healing from past relationships and how you can choose relationships that compliment you and fill you with love by loving yourself.

It will teach you the 3 A’s of healing and how to practice self-love every day. An excellent book to get your self-esteem going and build your confidence to find the right fit for you and not settle for less. I think you will like this read!


I wish the best to all seeking self-help and hope these books are a start to a better you and better health!

Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below or even write me an email and let me know what you thought of the book you chose or guidance on what book you think would be best for you!

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