Best Relaxing Massage Therapies For Couples

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Let’s have some fun here. Get that spark back in your relationship, or start the spark in a new relationship! The best relaxing massage therapies for couples will get both partners excited for the evening and all future evenings!

These massages are for pleasure, relaxation, and excitement. They will connect your relationship to deeper levels and bring arousal back into your times together. So sit together in a bathtub and read about what you can plan for tonight or any other night you want!

Setting Up For The Evening. Candles in a bedroom

Having a couples massage night is mainly about the mood and the tone. You want to get the mood and tone started way before the massage. All day long, maybe you send subtle texts to your partner, teasing a bit and being a little suggestive of a great night ahead. When you get home together, make sure there is lots of touching, kisses, and hugs. Make dinner for your partner, or better yet, make dinner together.

After dinner and some kisses, draw your partner a nice warm bath, let them relax, and soak in the tub while you set up the bedroom with tea lights, romantic music, and fresh scents in the bedroom. When your partner is out of the tub, they will come to the bedroom smelling nice, looking great with candles and warm, inviting music. This will be a great start to relaxation and enjoying the moment.

Starting The Massage.  woman getting a massage

Since your partner is just out of the bathtub, it will take the towel away or take the robe off and get them to lay on the bed. It is usually best to have them lay on their stomach first, as sometimes they will feel uncomfortable facing up to start. This is a sensual massage and not for physical therapy, so start off with light touches and soft strokes along the body, and make sure you touch the whole body.

The neck, shoulders, and lower back are always great spots to relax someone, but make sure you get the arms, hands, and waist while you are there. Working your way down your partner’s body is best, and when you get to the butt, it can be especially fun and erotic. Spend some time in all the erotic places, but keep going down the thighs, the calves, and the feet.

Time To Turn Over.  Man getting a massage

Now that your partner is completely relaxed, aroused, and feeling great, it is time to turn over and start to massage the front of the body. Remember to take your time, and this is not a race but a journey.

Massage the scalp, the neck, and the shoulders from the front. No matter who is getting the massage, it is great to spend time on the breasts, the nipples, and the stomach and work your way down! Now we can gently glide over the sensitive areas of your partner’s erotic areas and tease a little, but save it for later, as you go to the bottom and the feet, to work your way back up to the erotic zones.

As you work your way from the feet back up to the thighs, pay extra attention to the inner thighs, and as you get closer to the fun parts, make sure you tease lots before getting there.

The Erotic Areas.  woman getting a massage

After a long tease and lots of caressing, touching, kissing, licking, and nibbling, you are finally getting to the promised land. Now I like to think that as much time as I spent getting to the promised land is as much time or more I like to spend on the promised land. This is where the relaxed partner should become the excited partner.

Take your time again, engage, and be fully present in all that you do. Enjoy the moment, the feel, the taste, the excitement, and the sexual energy building up. Remember, this is a tease, and the more you can tease and get the arousal levels up, the more the excitement will build and become intense with desire. Taking your partner to the edge of orgasm but not quite there is key to having mind-blowing orgasms a little later on.

Tantric sex or Tantra massages are very good at this and explain the incredible sensations of delayed orgasms in more detail. I will be leaving links to great books that will go into all those tantric areas that are sure to be a huge hit for both partners at the bottom of the article.

Yoni massages ( for the female ) and Lingam massages ( for the male ) will completely change your mind about what an orgasm is. Both of these techniques can be used at this point to get your partner to a state of arousal never felt before. At this point, I will let your imagination and thoughts take you to the next level, as we are no longer in the massage mode, but we are talking about a whole other article I need to write, lol.

Conclusion.  couple kissing in bed

If you have decided to give your partner a relaxing erotic massage, I commend you on taking the first step, getting this information, and planning your night.

This will bring you great joy and have an incredible night together, but it will get you both more connected and engaged and make your relationship stronger and more exciting.

The benefits are numerous and significant, and all it takes is some planning, some information, and all kinds of enthusiasm to want to please your partner. I am leaving the links to some incredible books you need to read to get deep into these erotic massages.

Please have a look at them and start to get the relationship into an epic adventure that you both enjoy for the rest of your time together!

Books you both need to read: The Yoni, Lingam Massage, The Art Of Sensual Massage, Sex Fantasies For Couple.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment box below, or feel free to email me, and I will get back to you! I will support you in any way I can on your journey. As always, take care of yourself!

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