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Becoming your authentic self is a process; it is about digging deep, recognizing your truths, finding out who you are and what you stand for, and giving your opinions and thoughts freely with respect and confidence. It is a lot of work, and I want to provide you with the tools to get there. These authentic self-worksheets will get you rolling and help you on your journey.

Why Should I Become My Authentic Self?  child looking at a sign saying believe in yourself

The answer to that is straightforward and complex, with many great reasons. Each person has their reasons why they want to become authentic, and there are hundreds of reasons that it would benefit your life, but the primary reasons for everyone will be the same.

  • You will lead a fully connected life.
  • Your relationships will be stronger and more connected.
  • Your confidence will grow and be strong.
  • Living a life connected to your values and beliefs will give you less stress and more joy.
  • Being open and freely giving your thoughts and opinions will be very stress-relieving.
  • Knowing who you are and who you are not gives you freedom and strength.
  • You will have the confidence to ask for what you want and need in life.
  • You will have the confidence to do the things you want in life, and as a result, you will have more accomplishments.
  • Your conversations will be more meaningful; you will be more interested and present with people.
  • You will never be fully loved if no one knows who you are; only you can be fully loved when you are your true self.
  • Your friends, co-workers, and even people you meet will know when you are being fake, and they may like you, but they will never respect you or want to hang out with you much because you are not being authentic to them.
  • You will find that being your authentic self will attract more people to you, and they will want to engage with you.
  • You will truly be living your true, whole, engaged life, where you feel fully engaged with life and people; that is a life worth living.
  • There are many more reasons, and everyone will have others that are personal, but this can and will change your whole life. From top to bottom, it is work, it is not always comfortable, but it is worth it, as the alternative we already know is full of stress, pain, suffering, and rejection that will go on for a lifetime. After the work of becoming self-aware, you have to live your life the way you want, and you are free to be you; that is so freeing!

Is It Worth It?man with hands on his head

As mentioned in the above paragraph, becoming self-aware is numerous, but they are life-changing benefits. I can tell you this from personal experience. When you come out the other end and become fully authentically, self-aware, and have a complete connection to all your relationships and the world, you will wonder how you survived without having that knowledge.

Becoming authentically and self-aware was a relatively long process of therapy, reading books, taking courses, self-reflection, journaling, and working on worksheets to help.

Everyone will be different, and I dove in headfirst and got deep into it by immersing almost all my free time in studying it and all my other time putting it into practice in real life. After many small successes and many times when I thought I was done, I found out there was more to learn, and the process is still going on.

Still, it took a good six months before I got to the point where I finally understood myself, understood who my true self was, and how to do that in everyday life. Not only that, how to be entirely comfortable being myself because I was so used to being fake, needing to be liked, and wanting to please others, that it took some time to get used to being me and how incredibly freeing that is.

I found out I am funny, people like who I am, respect that I say my mind freely, and know exactly how I feel and my thoughts. People want to be engaged with me because I am engaged with them, making them feel special, listened to, and want to be around you.

I stick to my values no matter how hard it may be, and it gives me a sense of pride, a sense of knowing I am living my life for me as I want, I am asking for things I want and need, and finding most people want to give me that. So I and anyone who has gone through the work or, maybe better said, the journey of getting to your authentic self will tell you it is very much worth it and will last the rest of your fully engaged life!

How Will I Know When I Am Self-Aware?man with arms extended to sunrise

Excellent question, as on my journey, I felt like I was done several times, only to realize that there was a lot more to learn and that if I had stopped at that point, I would not have gotten to where I needed to be. So I will give you a few ideas of what I went through on my journey and how I had to find out the long hard way that there will be victories, great strides, and even lots of progress on the road, but you will know when you are self-aware when these things happen to you.

  • You fully know your strengths in character and your weaknesses in nature, but also know which ones can be worked on if wanted and which ones are just who you are, and that is okay.
  • You will have your core values identified, and you will be living life by them, making decisions upon them, and even if it is not the most straightforward way (it rarely is ), you still stick to your values and voice them or act upon them.
  • You will find yourself relaxed about voicing your opinions, speaking your thoughts, asking for what you want, and just speaking freely without thinking if you should say that or not or tension about speaking freely.
  • There will be a lot of practicing being yourself in real life, lots of things to start becoming you freely, but when all those practices become just the way you do something, that is when you are becoming you authentically.
  • I went through months of trying to be real, trying to be comfortable with it, and breaking my old habits before I just started seeing that I was myself every day, and I was not even thinking of it; it was relaxed, it felt great, and I was happy, and people were drawn to me. That is when I knew I found myself, and now it is just a matter of staying true to myself and learning even more things as I go through life to become even more aware and more engaged in life and with people.
  • I learned all these things about myself; I was trying them out in real life and thought I was done because it was working. My life was changing, but I had not gotten where I needed to be because it did not feel comfortable, easy, and relaxed. I was thinking about it, and I was trying, so it was not naturally me, only when you find that sweet spot of knowing who you are and getting to the point where it is naturally coming from you. It is easy, relaxed, and feels great when you know you have arrived as you!

What Do I Need To Do?             hang glider over the ocean

There will be many things you can do to start your journey and get you through to the end. This is where I am pleased to help and guide you personally through this maze that will be a struggle, confusing, and joyous, and you will want and need support. I want to be that support for you.

No, I am not selling you anything, and no money is required; I am thrilled to help anyone who wants help find their authentic self. Nothing I do to help you will cost you a penny, all I may ask is that clicking on some helpful links in this article will cost you nothing, but it helps support my website and help others. I have tried and used any links I provide here, so I will personally recommend them.

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I will have my email at the bottom of this article under my name; I will not ask for personal information. All I need is your first name and email address; after you send me an email, I will send you a lot of different information worksheets for you to start working on. As you send me back your results and answers, I can better guide you to what your next steps will be.

These will be from my experiences; nothing will cost you money; it will be so I can help guide you to where you need to be. I will be with you the whole way through; no matter how long it takes, we will get you to become your authentic self! When I know where you are in finding yourself from the questions, I will ask you. I will recommend the worksheet that will fit you.

Then as you go along with the worksheet and start your journey, you can contact me anytime with questions and any support you need. I will provide you with great books, websites, and courses that you may want to get into and give you advice and knowledge on keeping you going and on the right path.


Your success will make me so happy, and I will be so thrilled that someone else has become fully engaged in life and with people and has excellent relationships that are fully connected. So please send me an email with your name and your email, and I will get back to you as soon as possible, and we will take this journey together; it will be easier and less time when you have someone to support you. I will be happy to be your support. This will never cost you a penny unless you join an e-course or read an e-book, but we can do this together and at your speed.

My review of the Self-Love Workbook: Self-Love Workbook.

Thank you, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below! I answer all emails and comments personally!

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