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Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a new and polished version of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). It is a scientific-based therapy that has been proven to help with many mental health issues. Here is where you can find four of the best Acceptance Commitment Therapy workbooks to help you discover the power of having ACT at your fingertips and working on your issues every day!

What Is Acceptance Commitment Therapy?  woman making a heart sign from her hands

I will give a brief description of Acceptance Commitment Therapy, so you can see if it may be right for you. Acceptance Commitment Therapy covers many mental health issues, and I will not be able to cover them all here. Still, in these books, I recommend you will find all the information you need to start working on your issues right away.

Acceptance  Commitment Therapy is a psychological intervention that combines mindfulness, acceptance, and behaviour changes. ACT suggests you can change your behaviour without having to change your thoughts and feelings. It suggests that instead of fighting your thoughts and feelings, you accept them as they are and use ACT healthy behaviours to go forward alongside those thoughts and feelings, so you can work with your thoughts and feelings and not around them.

The Mindfulness And Acceptance Workbook For Anxiety. 

If you have anxiety and fear, this is the book for you! This book has excellent tools and techniques to help you get freedom from the fear that causes so much anxiety and suffering in your life. With these tools put into daily life, you can get your life back to where you want it, free of the fear and anxiety that comes with it.

The Mindfulness and acceptance workbook will give you exercises to work out your mind every day to make it stronger and provide you with peace of mind. With this book, you can learn to co-exist with your unhealthy thoughts and move forward with new and healthy thoughts. Great book and I highly recommend it to you.

Break Free: Acceptance Commitment Therapy In 3 Easy Steps.

Break Free book has broken down Acceptance Commitment Therapy into three easy steps that you can use every day. It will give you the tools and exercises to use these techniques in your everyday life. It will help you overcome self-doubt and learn how to embrace life.

This will give you the ACT skills and move toward a life of harmony and values. This is an excellent book for getting you to start moving in the right direction with ACT skills and values to go forward and start putting them to use in your day-to-day life.

Learning To Thrive: Acceptance Commitment Therapy Workbook.

Learning to Thrive gives you great ideas, exercises, and simple ways to use ACT in your daily life. This book will show you how to stop thinking of your thoughts, emotions, and negatively and learn how to relate to them in a new healthy way using ACT techniques in a practical and straightforward manner. Learning To Thrive is a practical approach to understanding and accepting yourself using Acceptance Commitment Therapy ideas.

Learning To Thrive gives you solutions for everyday life concerns. You can apply ACT to specific parts of your life as it dives into the family, wellness, and personal growth.

Learning To Thrive will keep things simple for people just learning and new to ACT. Learn how to accept yourself and bring positive changes to your life. This book is excellent for people just starting on their journey to finding out about Acceptance Commitment Therapy and all it has to offer for you.

ACT Daily Journal.

Act Daily Journal is a powerful way to change your life and do steps that take minutes a day. When life throws you a curveball and things are not going as planned, it is easy to get off track and stuck in your mind full of doubt and fears. ACT Daily Journal shows us the six core ideas of Acceptance Commitment Therapy and gives us a bonus seventh idea to work with. When you can apply ACT to your life, you can roll with the changes that happen and stay in the moment, even with unpleasant and uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that start to arise.

ACT is more than just therapy; it is a way of life that teaches us how to accept and commit to what is really important to us. It needs to be practiced every day, and this book will give you the tools with a journal to practice ACT every day and let it become a part of your life.

Conclusion.  woman extending arms to sky

I know you will find what you are looking for in these books; I know I have. ACT is a great way to live your life and become the person who lives life fully connected and can handle whatever life throws at us. There will always be challenges in life, that is for sure, but what we do with those challenges dictates how our lives move forward, with suffering or strength and confidence.

If you are living with fears, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, or any other trauma in your life, then ACT can help, and these books can support you in becoming a better you and a healthier you!

As always, I am here to support you as well. Feel free to leave a comment or email me with any questions or even get more information on how and where to get started. I will support you the whole way through this journey, and you will see very drastic and incredible changes in your life.

Also, there is an excellent online therapy website I use all the time when needed: Online Therapy!

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  1. This was a great article. I feel like it could help many people that are struggling with ACT.

    • Thank you Amber, ACT is a great therapy for many mental health issues. It is worth looking into for sure. If you need any support I am here to guide you. 🙂

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