5 Quick Ways To Help With Low Self Esteem

Life can drag us all down, and with the pandemic, people seem to be getting more and more on edge and less connected to life and people.

If you find yourself slipping down a hole of low self-esteem from everything going on and all the people around you being extra critical these days, then here is a little help.

These are 5 quick ways to help with low self-esteem that will jumpstart you back into life and create a good foundation for building your self-esteem to levels that will lead you to a fully connected, engaged life that gets you what you want and is boldly your authentic life as you want to live it!

Make Friends With Your Mind Talk. Frinds hugging

When we talk to people, they can sometimes be critical of us, whether our boss, family members, or even friends, but no one will be as critical as our mind talk.

Especially after someone has criticized you or made you feel inadequate somehow, our mind will take over and make it ten times worse than it was. The mind has learned how to do this very well and has convinced us of many things that are not true, but we believe them to be true.

The good news is that learned responses from the mind can be unlearned and retrained to become a positive force in our life instead of a negative force.

I have listed books at the end of the article that will go deep into training the mind to be your friend, but for this article and a quick step to get control.

Don’t ignore your mind talk; that is impossible, but make friends with your mind talk. Practice talking to your mind, have fun with it, make jokes, and treat the negative talk like a friend who means well but does not have your best interest at heart.

One example is when your mind says, ” You are not good enough to do that.” You tell your mind, ” Listen up, you negative Nellie, you have no idea what I am good enough to do yet because you won’t let me, so I am going to try anyway, and even if I don’t do it, I will be better the next time I do it again.”

Just because your mind talks to you, it doesn’t mean it is right or that you should listen to it. You decide when to listen and dismiss the talk as just being scared to learn and experience life to the fullest!

Self ConfidenceChain link

Self-confidence is another part of low self-esteem that should be taken to deeper levels than in this article, and I will leave links to go deeper at the end of the article.

Still, for now, let’s find out how to raise our confidence levels quickly to get our self-esteem rolling in the right direction. First, lay out your 5 to 10 fundamental values in life, things you believe in, that you want to live your life by, and have them handy to look at during the day, like on your phone.

Now practice every day, no matter how small the choice or how big the decision, be strong and make that choice with your values in mind.

This will do many good things for your self-confidence and your self-esteem. No matter how your choice turns out, you did it because it was right for you and not for anyone else.

You can be proud of what you did or said because it was your feelings or actions, and whatever happens, is a victory. Either way, you get what you want or learn from what you did! This will build confidence every day; be confident enough to start.

Self Love.Woman making heart with hand

Self-love covers many aspects of our life, and all are important. I will go through a few easy and quick suggestions to get that self-esteem rolling with momentum down the tracks! The three easy and quick steps to get some self-love in your life are to get exercise.

No matter what it is, what you do, do it. A sport you love to play, a walk in the park, a jog, do yoga, join a fitness club, do push-ups and sit-ups in your room, no matter what you do, exercise, it is great for your body, but will do wonders for your self-confidence, self-esteem, and how you perceive yourself!

Have self-compassion for yourself; when feeling low, you made a mistake, or down about something you said or did, speak to yourself as you would your child, friend, or someone you love. You would never criticize them or tell them what a loser they are, but we are quick to do that to ourselves.

Be gentle with yourself and talk to yourself like you are consoling a loved one! One more good thing to do immediately for your self-esteem is surround yourself with positive people. Hanging around with negative people when you are low will make it worse. Being around positive people will rub off on you as you get your self-esteem into shape.

Meditation.Woman meditating on porch

Meditation is excellent for self-esteem; it relaxes you and allows you to focus on what is essential and get rid of what keeps you down. There are many gratitude meditations to download and are mostly free; use these to build a sense of how many good things are in your life.

It is vital with self-esteem to be aware of the good and heart-filling things in your life instead of focusing on the things that are not going well. Meditation can take as little as 15 minutes a day but can change your whole outlook on your day and your life!

A good way to accompany the meditation is to write a journal every day. At the end of the day, write down what good things happened to you, what you did that was good, and also what you are grateful for in your life. This is best to write it down, not just say it. When you write it down, it sticks in your brain better, and you get to look at it whenever you want!

No Comparison.social media picture

These days of social media and being able to see into everyone’s world at the click of a mouse, it is easy to fall into the comparison trap. We like to compare our lives to others, and unfortunately, with social media and all around us, our comparisons are often very wrong and leave us thinking we are not as great as the next person.

It is no secret that almost everyone presents a great life on social media to show off or brag about, but almost always, it is never as described. It is a form of advertising with no controls, so everyone seems to have a better life than us.

Forget all those comparisons and lead your life the way you want it. Use the examples above to get the confidence and feel good about who you are and what you do.

Do not compare to others; live your life on your terms and stick to your values, and you will end up way better off than anyone on social media claims. You do you and live authentically, fully engaged, and connected to life and the people in your life. That is the person others will compare and want to be.

Conclusion.Be Kind sign

Take down these five easy and quick steps, start to do them every day, and see and feel your self-esteem growing along with your confidence! Get deeper into these areas with the links below, but for now, get your life kickstarted and in the right direction by following the five steps to the full life you deserve.

1. Make friends with your mind: Your mind will tell you stories, they are not always accurate, and they are just stories!

2. Self Confidence: Be bold, be strong, and make choices based on YOUR values; you will always be right that way!

3. Self Love: Love yourself as you would love anyone you love. Take care of your mind and body!

4. Meditate: Find a great meditation to download, listen to it every day and write in your journal every day!

5. Don’t Compare: Do not compare yourself to others. Lead your own life on your terms! They will compare to you!

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